Welcome to the Darkcentral Developer Wiki!

Darkcentral released it's first platform or version in August 2006. Through the years, we have progressed from a site to a fully non-profitable website and corporation. Darkcentral is now releasing something new called: Darkcentral Developers. Developers is a labs or "behind the scenes" in what we do in scripting, coding, programming, and much more. When you use Darkcentral Developers, you will find tips and tricks for developers, new things we're working on, and our apps that you can use on your website/blog. So go ahead. Get started!

About the Wiki

The Darkcentral Developers wiki is a technical interface and manual for developers interested in the Darkcentral Platform, learning how we script, and much more. The Darkcentral Wiki is a standards-based Web service with methods of using our facilities. We've made the methods as easy to understand as possible, and this wiki includes full documentation to help you learn more, and apply what you want.

All content is created by the Darkcentral team with help from our developers, so feel free to helpout!!! In the next few weeks, we will be launching more articles and things, so please check back soon!

Please note: Darkcentral Code ( will be closing in a few weeks. No more posts will be coming there, as we will be moving all that stuff over here for you guys to look at. You may look there too, but just a heads up that it will be closing once all data has been transferred.

Getting Started

Read: The Darkcentral way