Overview Edit

When you advertise your blog or website on Darkcentral, there are many benefits to what people can see! Right now, Darkcentral is letting people advertise their blogs or websites for free on Darkcentral. Darkcentral has a very interesting and cool design that viewers see to help spread the word of Darkcentral. If your a starter website, and aren't ready for Google Adsense/Adwords, try Darkcentral Ads! This easy business solution is very cool and helps you and your blog/website.

How do I get this amazing ad program thingy!?! Edit

It's very easy! All you gotta do is email us @ and tell us why you think that your website is featured. This code is very open-source to us, and we have 'tons of requests, so we need to know if our service is right for you and vise versa. So we will email you back with a 'yes' or 'no', and giving you furthur instructions if possible. If you don't tell us why and give valid information, we will not even consider your application. We are in preperation with new apps that are coming out as well as games, so we have a lot on our minds! We will try many different things such as random iFrame or different ideas that will look very cool.

We hope that you consider this amazing ad program for you to spread the word of your website! Remember..... more traffic means more fun, so get creative!